Our Equipment

Within our 40 000 square foot facility
we have all the resources
to produce your product from the design idea stage
to maintaining the mould after completion.

Smart solutions add greatly to a hassle-free injection process - avoiding costly down time.
We work according to our established system to eliminate all possible reason
that could create production problems at the manufacturing stage.

The assembly area covers a wide section of the plant and
is equipped with all the necessary tools
for perfect fitting and fine tuning of the various mould parts.

EDM (Electric Discharge Machining)
is part of mould making.
We have several of these machines
in order to be self sufficient in all
aspects of machining mould parts.
This CNC lathe is one of the most accurate machines availabel in the world. We try to keep abreast of the latest technology available on the market.
Individual craftmanship and personal pride in their work is important to our tool makers.
CNC horizontal/vertical milling machine works quickly and accurately.

TESAN Inc. machinery inventory
3D simultanious capablility
up to 140 in. travel
Up to 32 in. travel
Variety of manual machines
50 x 100 travels
5 axis simultanious CNC
32 in. diameter

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