Specializing in thin wall applications,
we offer an all encompassing Service.

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At Tesan we follow these steps to ensure that the finished product is flawless.

There are three aspects to be considered in the design of a new product.
Aesthetics - Functionality - Structural Design

We have sophisticated software to address all design criteria. A new product design can be based on your ideas or on a product sample. We can also make design modifications to existing products. Whatever your need may be in the area of design, we can assist you from the original concept on.

Feasibility Check: Before any further steps are taken,
a feasibility check is conducted by means of modern simulation software.

Mould Design: This is where we come in with our experience and expertise and cost-effective solutions.
The most advanced CAD/CAM software and hardware are used and totally integrated with each other.

Mould Construction: The latest in CNC machining equipment, including mills, lathes, machining centres, grinders and wire and sink EDM machines, are directly integrated with our engineering department.

Quality Assurance: Mould parts undergo quality assurance procedures at every stage of production.
Final assembly work is checked over thoroughly to allow customers a rapid start up of production.

Back-up Service: We service all our moulds at the customer's request, and perform restorations and replacements of parts to keep down-time to a minimum.

Tesan Mould Inc. was founded in 1978 by Riccardo Tesan. Many years of experience in the mould making industry gave him the confidence to start out on his own.

The company has steadily grown over the years and has survived good and bad economic times along the way.
Even during recessionary times the machines have never stopped.

Total commitment to quality and customer service has put the enterprise in a strong position within today's hi-tech mould making industry.

Two important reasons for its sustained success are quick adaptation to modern technology and experienced, dedicated staff. The equipment list is extensive and complete, covering all aspects of mould design and mould building for the plastic injection industry.

Most customers of Tesan Mould Inc. are manufacturers of consumer oriented products including horticultural containers (flower pots) of all sizes and shapes, nursery trays, super market shopping baskets/carts, water filtration system products, lawn care products, environmental/recycling products, office furniture and automotive parts.

The company is capable of building large and multicavity complex moulds for products requiring high precision and fast cycle times such as thin-wall applications.

Tesan Mould Inc. has built up a respectable reputation within the industry, placing it at the forefront of high quality mould makers.

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E-mail: tesan@tesan.com